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However safe and durable the car is it needs upgrading once in a while. And of course, only Renault spare parts will do. People tend to be so busy all the time so it’s very convenient to buy Renault OEM parts online. Visit website and select Renault genuine parts for your liking. It’s the webpage that supplies only high-quality products, has present-day price lists and catalogues. The company provides only honest and quick transactions all over India and has a wide diversity of Renault OEM parts, Aftermarket parts and genuine parts. So don’t be wavering between quality and price. Go to and get Renault original spare parts while they are in stock!

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We've got the perfect parts and accessories made to fit the exact specifications of your Renault .


Body and Interior

Brakes and Suspension


Engine Parts

Fuel System

Heating and Air Conditioning




Transmission and Driveline​

Wheel Components

We've got the perfect parts and accessories made to fit the exact specifications of your Renault.





Air & Cabin Filters

Oil Filters

TrueStart™ Batteries

SightLine™ Wiper Blades

Service Fluids

Spark Plugs

Timing Belts


Motor Oil

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Fixmycars Spares provide all varieties of Renault car spare parts at a reasonable price. You can buy spare parts for:

  • Drivetrain
  • Clutch System
  • Fuel System
  • Lighting
  • Electrical system, and many more

Fixmycars Spares works on a strict direct procurement policy. As the name suggests, we purchase the spare parts directly from Renault to maintain 100% genuine quality. In addition, it undergoes testing for better quality assurance, and we have the-state-of-the-art inventories all across the country.

Sorry, for the inconvenience. You cannot cancel the car spare parts order after confirming the order on call, which you’ll be receiving from Fixmycars Spares after the placement of the order. Not to worry you can replace the products worth the same amount from Fixmycars Spares.

Fixmycars Spares have the- state-of-the-art inventories for the procurement and storage of spare parts all across the country. In addition, our efficient last-mile logistics solutions and PAN- India delivery service makes sure that your car spares are delivered on time.

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Renault is a multinational Japanese auto-mobile giant known for its classic, comfortable and fuel-efficient cars. The brand is synonyms with reserved fuel economy and is famous for its distinctive gas mileage which offers many miles between fill-ups, especially in affordable and attractive cars like the Camry and Corolla. Years ago, the Prius, established the benchmark for fuel-efficient hybrid electric vehicles, and contemporary variants continue to advance the innovative class.

Renault cars run smoothly but the manufacturer realizes that a contemporary car must provide more than just safe and reliable performance. Keeping this in mind Renault scaled its design, interiors and power output. Every journey can be a memorable one owing to the range of infotainment technology offered in a Renault car. From simple smartphone connectivity to a helpful navigation system, a Renault car got it all.